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The Stress and Development Lab at Harvard University is looking for participants ages 13-18 (and a parent or guardian) to take part in a study that examines how early-life experiences relate to emotions and behaviors.

The study involves 2 visits, that will last approximately 3 hours each. During session 1, you and your parent will come to our lab to answer some questions about your life experiences and emotions and complete some emotion-relateFacesd tasks and see pictures of faces on a computer. Session 2 will involve a 1 hour MRI brain scan and some more computer tasks. If your parent is unable to visit in person, they may participate over the phone and online!

You will receive up to $115 for completing both study visits, and you parent will receive up to $20. Parking is provided if you and your parent need to drive to the session, and transportation costs can be reimbursed if necessary!

Please have your parent contact us at to schedule a time to participate or call us at (857) 389-7473.  Your parent must provide permission for you to participate in the study and they may come to the session with you, but they are not required to as long as they complete the consent process by phone beforehand.



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