Stress Management Strategy tracking form - IMPORTANT - don't forget to do the stress and mood ratings before and after you try a self compassion strategy!


We are often our own toughest critic. Practicing self-compassion, which involves treating ourselves with kindness, accepting our imperfections, and reducing self-criticism can lessen the emotional and cognitive consequences of stressors.

Please see below a collection of resources for general Self-Compassion Practice, including a self-assessment scale, as well as more specific exercise and meditation resources to practice compassion with yourself. This information is also reproduced and sub-categorized in menus to the left.


Resources for Self-Compassion Stress Management Strategy Practice


  1. A self-assessment scale:
  2. Web-based Resources
    2. Kristen Neff’s tips for practice:
    3. Tich Nhat Hanh on self-compassion:
  3. Videos with Information on Self-Compassion
    1. Self-Compassion vs Self-Esteem:
    2. Kristen Neff Ted Talk on Self-Compassion:
    3. Overcoming objections to self-compassion:
  4. Self-Compassion Exercises:
    1. Self-compassion break:
    2. Exploring self-compassion through writing:
    3. Supportive touch:
    4. Changing your critical self-talk:
    5. Start a self-compassion journal:
    6. Identifying what we really need:
    7. For those who work or plan to work in a caregiving profession or who care for children or family members - Taking care of the caregiver:
    8. Self-compassion pause (worksheet):
  5. Self-Compassion Meditations
    1. Self-compassion break [5 min]:
    2. Loving kindness meditation [15 min]:
    3. Compassionate friend [18 min]: https://centerformsorg/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/CompassionateFriend_Neff.mp3
    4. Giving and Receiving Compassion [20 min]:
    5. Compassion with equanimity [18 min]:
    6. Affectionate breathing [18 min]:
    7. Self-compassion / loving kindness meditation [20 min]:
    8. Self-Compassion meditation [60 min]:
    9. For those who work or plan to work in a caregiving profession or who care for children or family members - Self-Compassion for Caregivers [9 min]: