Director of NIMH highlights work from the Stress and Development Lab

March 11, 2020
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At the February 2020 NIMH Advisory Council Meeting, NIMH Director Josh Gordon features work recently published in Biological Psychiatry. Director Gordon applauds the study of neurobiological mechanisms of resilience to psychopathology in a particularly vulnerable population of adolescents with history of adversity. The paper, lead by postdoc Alexandra Rodman, found that the greater recruitment of frontoparietal control networks to modulate amygdala reactivity to negative cues was a protective factor that buffered children from worsening depression following exposure to maltreatment—pointing to a potential neurobiological mechanism of resilience. Gordon states, "Dr. Katie McLaughlin is now a real—I used to say rising and now risen star in our research community," moments before Dr. McLaughlin's distinguished nomination as MERIT Scholar by the NIMH.

See Dr. Joshua Gordon, the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, discussing our research.