Lindsay Hanford

Dr. Lindsay Hanford

Research Associate

Lindsay is a MRI neuroscientist with an interest in associating biological, physiological, or psychological change with change in brain structure or function. Discovering these relationships may open avenues for developing algorithms for individual assessment of disease risk, burden, and outcome.

Before joining the lab, Lindsay was a postdoctoral fellow in the Buckner Lab at Harvard University. Her work focused on making brain estimates, obtained using neuroimaging techniques, more precise. This work will help to improve the ability for neuroimaging techniques to capture relevant information at the individual level.

Lindsay is currently a research associate with Kate McLaughlin in the Stress and Development Lab, working on the Studying of Adolescences in Realtime (STAR) study. This study follows adolescents for one year as they complete monthly MRI, emotional and behavioural assessments, and provides the perfect avenue for uncovering critical markers for mental health outcomes.