Clinical Considerations When Treating Adults Who Are Parents


Zalewski, M., Goodman, S. H., Cole, P. M., & McLaughlin, K. A. (2017). Clinical Considerations When Treating Adults Who Are Parents. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice , 24 (4), 370–388.

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When providing mental health services to adults, we are often treating individuals who, among their other roles, are also parents. The goal of this article was to provide practitioners with the state of the science about both the impact of parental psychopathology on children and the role that children's well-being has in parental psychopathology. We discuss the benefits of integrated care for adult clients who are parents, as well as the barriers to providing integrated care for both parents and children in psychotherapy, and provide recommendations for practice. With this information, practitioners will gain greater awareness of their opportunities to treat adults in their parenting roles as well as to contribute to prevention of mental disorders in children.

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