Photo of Andrea Duys

Andrea Duys

Internal Mobility Client Lead - Learning and Launch Operations
Madison Green

Madison Green

Research Assistant
Madison Green is a current sophomore at Amherst College, hoping to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration on Development. At the Stress... Read more about Madison Green
Photo of Dennis Gu

Dennis Gu

Marketing Communications Specialist
Cambridge Network

Umara Hansen

Research Assistant, University of Ottawa

Umara graduated with highest distinction from the University of Ottawa in 2020 with an Honours B.Sc. in Psychology. Her interest in clinical psychology...

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Pat Helgren

Former Clinical Manager
University of Washington

Geneva Jost

Master's Student, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Geneva is a current master’s student in the Human Development and Psychology Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her undergraduate work in... Read more about Geneva Jost